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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

               Watch out, there's the signpost--Submarine Seaview, dead ahead.  You are about to enter the world of Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea--a universe of old fashioned rubber band, paper clip, and scotch tape special effects created by effects genius L.B. Abbott.  Back in the days before CGI, when good special effects were a lot harder to create.  The people who made the movie and TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea came up with some good ones, at a time when little was being done in the way of creating alternate worlds through special effects on television.

     You will encounter some great graphics on the often fabulous 60's television show, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Voyage is a show, which, when it was good, was very, very good, but even when the scripts stunk, as they often did in the show's final seasons, the cast, lead by the brilliant Richard Basehart as Admiral Harriman Nelson and David Hedison as Captain Lee Crane, always did their best.  This site focuses on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's strengths, not its weaknesses, for one simple reason--those strengths often made for entertaining, occasionally brilliant television.

     Within, you'll find sections on:  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesThe show's cast and crew.  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesSpecial effects.  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesCollectibles.  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesProduction Artwork.  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesModels.  bluebul.gif - 266 BytesPhoto Gallery and more.   

     If you have any photos or information  on Voyage you would like to share with this site, please contact me at the webmaster address below.  My aim is to make this site as comprehensive as possible.  I will surely credit anything contributed--

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Mike's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone

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