Mike's Absolutely Favorite TV & Movie Links.

     Links included on this page must meet two criteria.  Yes, they must be for what I consider to be really cool shows or movies or actors.  But they must also be to sites that have been constructed with loving care and detail above and beyond what you'd expect from a sane person with a life. The following links are a start.  This page will be growing, and when something is listed here, you're likely to find that even if the subject matter doesn't interest you, you'll be impressed by the insane attention to detail you'll find at listed sites.

Link to The Haunting (1963.)

The Haunting  Greatest psychological Horror FIlm of all time.  ****Warning...I wouldn't try accessing this graphics-laden
site unless you have a high speed connection.

Link to Whirlybirds (1957-60)
  Whirlybirds Cool show.  The predecessor of Airwolf.  You like helicopters and cryptic writing...this show worked pretty well.  And it's a  cool site.

Link to Richard Basehart site (1914-1984.)
  The Talented Richard Basehart  Richard Basehart.  You may have heard of him.  Stephanie Kellerman's RB Site is loaded with the kind of overzealous detail you have to have to get listed on this page.. 

Link to MAT3K

Link to MST3K's cool official website.  Follow the spinning ball even as you remember and focus on Gypsy's obsession with Richard Basehart (Richard Basehart is God.) 

No foolin', Gypsy!

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