Joss Whedon’s movie Serenity is a gem.  It’s an edgy, well directed and marvelously written film. Dialogue so rich, thick and shiny it stands on its own in peaks, like butter icing. It’s the real thing. Its aficionados are known as "Browncoats," after the rebel group that fought the central alliance of power in the war for independence. A war they lost.  
Firefly class ship, Serenity. Serenity is based on the short-lived television series Firefly. Want to become a convert?  Buy Firefly or it's big-screen counter-part Serenity, now available on DVD.
Man with a Damn BIg Gun
Order the entire series on DVD. Firefly and Serenity have both been hailed by the vast majority of film critics as exciting, edgy, top-notch fun.  Check out the lowdown at IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes  
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  I'm betting that given time, this film will build respect for what is one of the most intelligent, and at the same time kick-ass science fiction phenomena to come along in years.  If you've never experienced Firefly or Serenity, follow the links below for more information.
Firefly, the series:
Serenity, the movie:
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